Klaus Biesel (aka Klausius)


Whitelist Email Marketing FAQs

What are the unique features of Whitelist Email Marketing?

Your commission is protected and guaranteed!

There will be no OTO's, reducing the price for the PROMOTER upgrade. Means whenever your admin goes nuts and offers a discount for the PROMOTER upgrade, he is going to pay it. Your commission is always guaranteed based at the original price. Example, if the price for the PROMOTERS upgrade is $54 you will always get the percentage which is promised based on your membership level. Any discounts will be paid out of my wallet. Means you will not loose cash in case i loose my mind :) Your promotional efforts always come first!

Level up your commission level!

PROMOTER only can level up their commision level. PROMOTER start with a commison of 50% for each referral purchase. You can level up 5% each 10 paid members you have brought in. This way you canlevel up your commission up to 80%.

Advertisers will receive measurable results

Whitelist Email Marketing is credit based only. Your results of your Emails are not driven by cash rewards or other initiatives. Means, the results you get are plain and based on your marketing efforts. You can measure the result of your Email campaign, you can then make changes in your subject lines or content to see, which of them got the attention of your readers.

Now you are worried about a low CTR? Don't be! The chances that you make a sale are not decreased because you have a lower CTR. Use highly targeted and efficient subjectlines and content in your email Campaigns to get the best results. You are
more likely getting new leads in your advertised programs from those that want to read the mails by interest instead of those that read for cash and rewards only.

OMG no cash incentives?

Relax, there will be Cash Rewards and Credit Rewards and contests. Just not those which intend to increase the results of your Email campaigns in an artificial way.

When do i get paid?

You find this information at you commision page.

How to contact ADMIN?

preferrably connect to skype:klausbiesel

Skype preferred as i can help fast and you'll know, that your problem is being taken care of immediatly.

simply send a mail to klaus (at) whitelist-email-marketing.com

or click the button below to contact me